Adolygiad i'r Morganiaid

Adolygiad o The Happy-Go-Lucky Morgans yn New Welsh Review (Wales’ leading literary magazine) gan James Lloyd – mae’n gweld fod y llyfr yn rhagweld llawer o’r pryderon a fyddai’n datblygu a diffinio cyfnod Moderniaeth.
Dyma gychwyn yr adolygiad – mae modd gweld yr adolygiad yn gyfa ar wefan NWR.

“The Happy-Go-Lucky Morgans anticipates many of the anxieties that would go on to define the period known as Modernism.

Three years earlier, in 1910, Virginia Woolf declared that human character had changed, and that this was not a ‘sudden and definite’ occurrence, but something nascent. It would affect ‘politics, conduct and literature’. Language would be reordered to better reflect the discoveries being made in science, developments in technology and our subsequent experience of the world.

These preoccupations are not obvious in Thomas’ novel. However, they are discernible in the commentary provided by Arthur Froxfield, the novel’s main protagonist, and one of the many characters employed to embody aspects of the author’s personality. From his observations and remembrances it is clear that, like Hamlet, he is witness to a ‘time out of joint’.”

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