Teulu Bach Nantoer on World Book Day

As part of the celebrations for World Book Day S4C will repeat a television programme by Unigryw on the most important children’s novel in the Welsh language.
Teulu Bach Nantoer - The story behind the novel
Television programme S4C, 9.30pm, 15 September 2013 - repeated 6 March 2014 to celebrate World Book Day.

2013 marked a century since Elizabeth Mary Jones's classic children's novel Teulu Bach Nantoer was first published, and in a special documentary this week, S4C will delve into the story behind the novel.

The S4C documentary Teulu Bach Nantoer on Thursday, 6 March, will examine the novel and the author in discussions with literary experts. We'll also hear the memories of people who remember reading the novel as children, and compare their thoughts with the opinions of children today after they read Teulu Bach Nantoer for the first time.

Born within two miles of the author, presenter Beti George guides us through the history behind this iconic novel deemed one of the most popular books in the Welsh language having sold around 30,000 copies.

Teulu Bach Nantoer is availabe as a digital e-book in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop – go to the Teulu Bach Nantoer page for further information.