EH Jones's En-dor reviewed

A review of The Road to En-dor published in the Autumn 2014 edition of New Welsh Review (Wales’ leading literary magazine) by Paul Cooper – “a Turkish-set wartime memoir about trickery and resistance still has relevance in the age of Derren Brown”.
“Lieutenant Elias Henry Jones was a Welsh officer in the Indian Army, captured by Ottoman forces during the First World War and interned in the notorious Yozgad prisoner of war camp in Turkey. What happened next might never have been known, had the lieutenant not escaped from the camp and written a memoir, originally published in 1919: The Road to En-dor, which is coming out in a new release nearly one hundred years after it was first published.

“The autobiographical tale follows the young EH Jones as he adjusts to life in Yozgad under the eagle-eyed camp commandant and his officious underlings. There the story might have ended, too, had the inmates of the camp not decided to experiment with that most quintessentially Victorian spiritualist pastime – the Ouija board.”

Paul Cooper goes on to say that –
"This is a book about resistance to tyranny, and the evergreen ability of the human spirit to refresh itself through hardship."

“With its close examination of the mechanics of human gullibility, it cuts much deeper to the heart of human nature.”

But the review refers to an introduction by Neil Gaiman – there is no such introduction in the Cromen edition. Further details on the NWR website.

The Road to En-dor is available as a digital e-book in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop and as a paperback book on Amazon and Lulu – go to The Road to En-dor page for further information.